Audi aims to take down Tesla Motors

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Car manufacturer Audi has its eyes on the luxury electric vehicle market, planning to challenge Tesla Motors at its own game starting as early as 2017.

Audi said that it’s delving deep into development status on a pure electric car. The new vehicle could have a range as large as 280 miles and feature seating for five, which would place it in direct competition with the Model S from Tesla.

Ulrich Hackenberg, chief technology officer for Audi, said in a recent interview that the automaker is indeed developing such a vehicle. The technology the car will use will be adapted from the R8-etron, Audi’s all-electric super performance vehicle, according to Hackenberg, who added that the new all-electric sedan is likely to be available from around 2017.P1-CEO-Tesla-Motors-Products-Model-S-upper-left-white-Roadster-bottom-right-red

One of the strongest selling points for Telsa Motors’ Model S has always been its large range, offering owners almost 300 miles on a single charge. If Audi can produce an all-electric vehicle with a similar range, this will be the first time a comparable vehicle will be able to compete with the Model S on its own turf; most other pure electric vehicles have had trouble offering even 100 miles of range on a single charge.

Audi isn’t the only car company looking to break in to the electric vehicle market, though. BMW is working on a new plug-in hybrid system called the Power eDrive that it will be integrating in all of its X series SUVs and 7 series sedans sometime in the future. Rumors are also swirling that Porsche will throw its hat into the ring with an all-electric version of its luxury plug-in hybrid sedan the Panamera. Detlev von Platen, chief executive for Porsche North America, wouldn’t confirm that the company was developing such a vehicle, though he did say that the company are working on different power train derivatives.

Industry experts say that while Tesla Motors has been providing some highly impressive all-electric performance luxury sedans, additional competition within the sector will likely spur even more innovation and growth in an already highly advanced market place.

Source: techcrunch

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