Awami League strengthens ties with China through strategic cooperation and partnership

Awami League strengthens ties with China through strategic cooperation and partnership

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On Monday afternoon, a 9-member high level delegation of leaders of Jashod, Workers Party and Samayabadi Dal left for China. He will visit Kunming.

This delegation included Workers Party President Rashed Khan Menon, Samayabadi Dal General Secretary Dilip Barua, Jashod General Secretary Shireen Akhtar, Jashod Working President Rabiul Alam, Jashod Joint General Secretary Mohammad Mohsin, Workers Party women leader Lutfunnesa Khan, Workers Party Polit Bureau member Mustafa Lutfullah is included. Samyabadi Dal leader Trupti Barua, H Moshahid and others. The Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh saw him off at Hazrat Shahjalal Airport.

The leaders of the three allies of the 14-party alliance will visit the Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and KPC Pharmaceuticals in Kunming. Sources said that during the visit he will hold meetings with local and central leaders of the Communist Party of China.

Sources said local government officials will also meet the visiting delegation. Necessary medical treatment and regular health check-ups will also be provided to the visiting leaders during the visit.

Earlier in July last year, top leaders of the left-leaning allies of the 14th party had visited China.

Awami League sources said the party's 14 allies had been requesting for a meeting with alliance chief and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for a long time. Then the Prime Minister had also given instructions to organize a meeting. However, due to the visit of alliance party leaders to China, the meeting is now likely to be postponed.

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