Bangabandhu made his life hostage for the sake of freedom

Bangabandhu made his life hostage for the sake of freedom

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Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was the leader of the Awami League, but his political activities were not confined to the Awami League alone. In 1966, when the six-point program was put forward at the opposition leaders’ conference in Lahore, no one knew about it except Tajuddin Ahmed and a few others. On his return from Lahore, the program was approved by the Awami League Central Committee. He did not consult the party regarding the six-point programme, but consulted Bengali CSP officials and progressive educationists and economists. Even before the Six Point Program, the Bengali economists had shaken the Pakistani rulers with their ‘one country, two economy’ principle.

Even before Bangabandhu, many people had raised the issue of Bangladesh’s independence. In 1957, Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani said ‘Assalam Alaikum’ (farewell) to West Pakistanis. Many people had raised their voice for the establishment of independent East Bengal. But they did not remain firm on their objectives.

A group of leftists wanted to solve caste problems by establishing socialism. That is why before the 1970 elections, he announced that we need food before elections. This was because he showed the people as the main root of contention between the people of this country and the Pakistanis, thereby winning the support of all, regardless of class or creed. While other Bengali leaders may not have understood the importance of the Six Point Movement, the Pakistani rulers did. Then Ayub Khan responded with arms and ammunition.

Before and after the 1970 elections, Bangabandhu asked Dr. Nurul Islam and Rahman Shobhan as well as other economists to prepare an economic framework based on six points. Dr. Nurul Islam said, if the economic structure is prepared on the basis of six points, then Pakistan will not survive. In response, Bangabandhu said, “It is none of your concern.” In those words was the message of his ultimate goal.

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