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Bangladesh’s dream is almost over.

As Lebanon is behind Bangladesh in FIFA ranking there was a chance to make history by qualifying for the main round of the Asian World Cup qualifiers. Players dreamed, the nation dreamed. But result is Bangladesh lost 4-0 to Lebanon. That means if Bangladesh wants to qualify they have to beat Lebanon 5-0 margin in the second leg at Dhaka which is almost impossible.

Coach Nikola Ilievski dropped Captain and goal keeper Biplab Bhattacharjee who who did not concede a goal in the two matches against Pakistan. Sujon took the armband and Mamum Khan kept goal for Biplob.

Maatouk and Mahmud of Lebanon scored two goals at 16th and 27th minutes of the first half recpectively. In the 44th minute Emily’s head landed on the goal line which was turned down by the referee. Al Saadi and Tarek El Ali scored the remaining two goals between 20 minutes of second half.  The return match will be held on 28th July at Dhaka.

It is not clear why the coach dropped the captain, but it is said that he didn’t like Biplob from the very beginning and tried to persuade retired Aminul to come back.

There was a time when football was the most popular game here. But cricket destroyed football; people as well as sponsors are now more interested with cricket. Talented young boys want to become a cricketer now, not a footballer. If Bangladesh could qualify for the Asian qualifying round that would boost Bangladesh football.

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