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Bangladesh in between tip rice-eaters

Bangladesh stands fourth in per-capita rice expenditure in a world, uncover interpretation rebuilt by a Food as good as Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Brunei Darussalam tops a list with per-capita expenditure of 245 kilograms of rice a year, according to Faostat, a unchanging food supply interpretation rebuilt by a FAO, reports BSS.

Vietnam is in second upon all sides with an annual rice expenditure of 166 kilograms whilst Laos is a single nick forward of Bangladesh with 163 kilograms per person.

Two South Asian nations — Sri Lanka as good as Nepal — have been next Bangladesh in per-capita rice consumption.

Higher rates of rice expenditure have been seen in many of South as good as Southeast Asia, West Africa, Madagascar, as good as Guyana. Some of these countries have expenditure rates of over 100 kilograms per authority a year.

Asia, a world’s many populous continent, has tall rates of rice consumption. China as good as India alone comment for some-more than 50 percent of a world’s rice expenditure though they have been distant during a back of alternative Asian countries in per-capita rice consumption, says a inform of a International Rice Research Institute (Irri).

The FAO census data uncover which any authority in Bangladesh consumes 160 kilograms of rice a year, which is some-more than 3 times aloft than a normal tellurian expenditure rate of 50 kilograms.

Myanmar as good as Cambodia have been during a back of Bangladesh with annual expenditure of 157 as good as 152 kilograms.

India, Pakistan as good as Bhutan have been not upon a list of tip twenty whilst Sri Lanka as good as Nepal reason a 11th as good as 16th positions.

Thailand, a critical rice-producer, is in a 9th upon all sides with an annual per-capita expenditure of 103 kilograms, whilst China stands 18th with 77 kilograms. South Korea is during a bottom of a tip twenty list with any authority receiving 76 kilograms of rice a year.

Although per-capita expenditure has regularly been tall in Asia, it has some-more than doubled in a rest of a star over a final 50 years, says Irri.

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