Bangladesh made ship to Pakistan

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Bangladesh has a rich ship making history. Few hundred years ago many European nation used

ships which were manufactured here in present Bangladesh. Many European navies used Bengal

made warships. Still many European city displays Bengal made wooden ships in their museums.

But time has changed, like many other industries our ship making industry was destroyed.

Now that tradition is coming back. Some Bangladeshi shipyards are making world class ships.

Though they are making small and medium ships now, they are hoping that they will lead the

ship making industry of the world very soon.  They have already supplied ships to some

western countries including Germany.

Bangladeshi shipyard Western Mariners will hand over two ships to Pakistan’s Karachi port

authority today. Western Mariners managed to get the work order after competing with some

other shipyards from Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India.

These two ships will be used to carry passengers and these are capable of carrying 215

passengers and 10 crews. Length, width and height of these ships are 30 meter, 6.18 meter

and 1.8 meter respectively. The 20 crore taka project was stared in the October of 2010.

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