Bangladesh supports Commonwealth roadmap to work on gender equality faster

Bangladesh supports Commonwealth roadmap to work on gender equality faster

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She added, “The outcome of the meeting sends a clear message that the Commonwealth is determined to lead by example in ensuring that women and girls are not left behind in our efforts to achieve sustainable development and climate justice.

“What we have achieved here will enable us all to accomplish today and it will help shape a better tomorrow for the benefit of the 2.5 billion people who live in our Commonwealth.”

To support the implementation of the roadmap, ministers endorsed a framework for reporting on Commonwealth priorities for gender equality.

The Commonwealth Secretariat will use this framework to regularly assess progress based on set indicators and coordinate the necessary measures through a Ministerial Action Group, aimed at tackling the challenges impeding positive momentum.

Recognizing that climate change disproportionately affects women and girls, the Ministers shared good practices that have helped women and girls overcome impacts in their countries.

Ministers and senior officials also called on the Commonwealth to advocate for an inclusive ‘loss and damage fund’ that supports the needs of women and girls equally.

The meeting was chaired by the Honorable Obediah Wilcombe, Minister of Social Services and Urban Development of The Bahamas.

Reflecting on the meeting at a press conference, Minister Wilcombe expressed his appreciation for the concrete results.

“A roadmap is coming to us from this meeting,” he said. [The Bahamas] And other countries will follow. Because three years from now it will make no sense to say the same old thing again. What we want to do is make a real difference. We are glad that this meeting sets us on a higher footing and at a faster pace to follow this roadmap.

Recognizing the importance of involving men and boys in preventing and combating gender-based violence, the Ministers welcomed the launch of Secretary-General Patricia Scotland’s campaign ‘For the women in my life’.

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