Bangladesh wants removal of trade barriers in India

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More than one hundred brands are available in Bangladesh, but Bangladeshi brands can’t get entrance in the Indian market. Many renowned Bangladeshi companies tried to enter in the Indian market but couldn’t succeed. It’s not because of low quality. It’s because of non tariff barriers in India.

Many Hindi and Bengali TV channels are available in Bangladesh, but no Bangladeshi TV channels are allowed in Bengali dominated Indian province West Bengal.
At a conference in New Delhi Bangladesh envoy to India Tariq A Karim said, India treats Bangladesh like Pakistan.

He said, a prominent Bangladeshi company took initiative to export its product to Northern eastern India. But they abandoned it because they were asked to export via Petrapole port which was not a viable option. It would be cost effective if they were allowed to export via Dawki land port of Meghalaya.

He expressed his frustration and hoped that situation will improve near future.

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