Bangladeshi sex workers life: part 3

Well come to our 3rd episode of serial feature on ‘Bangladeshi Sex workers life’. We will focus on the official prostitution of Bangladesh today. So, lets go to the main point:

It is one of 14 official Bangladeshi brothels. All women working here have to have legal documents proving they are over 18, but many are clearly younger than that, reports the BBC’s South Asia news.

In these vast brothel, men police them by carrying heavy wooden clubs. The woman aren’t forced to stay but once they enter the brothels they are ostracized by their families, forever to become social outcasts.

The sewers of Faridpur are said to have been blocked by used condoms, and by afternoon the walkways are crowded with customers taking an extended lunch break while waiting for the ferry to take them on their way. The brothel becomes a prison and the women remain for as long as they are desirable because they have no where else to go and no money to help them survive. The few women who do get paid, are paid pennies for their work while their madams keep the majority of the money the men have paid.

Although reports say there is no shortage of clients, the prostitutes are forced to take some desperate measures to survive. This is where Oradexon comes in to play. The girls take it to look older so that the police don’t interfere with their work and they take it to gain weight. Weight being a sign of good health in these brothels where malnourishment runs rampant. Some sex workers do not use condoms if their madam or the customers refuse to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases.

To be continued…….

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