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Bangladeshi victory day observed in Kolkata

India was a very big part during the time of Bangladesh’s liberation war. Bangladesh celebrated its 40th Victory Day with a call for close cooperation in economic, political, educational and cultural fields for mutual benefit of the two neighboring countries at a well attended function at Deputy High Commission here.

Speakers at the function highly praised the role of the city of Kolkata and West Bengal, who stood by the freedom fighters to liberate Bangladesh from Pakistani occupation forces.

The speakers included State Minister for Energy, Power and Mineral Resources Brig. Gen. (retd) Enamul Haque, Foreign Secretary Mohammad Mijarul Quayes and Deputy High Commissioner Mostafizur Rahman and West Bengal ruling Left Front Chairman Biman Bose and noted writer Sunil Gangopadhyay.

Besides, a lively discussion among the panelist from both Bangladesh and West Bengal, a five-day `Bangladesh Utsab` was today inaugurated from this occasion. Renowned artistes from across the border are to take part in the five-day programme.

This was the year of the `Bangladesh Utsab` in which a glimpse of Bangladesh would be on show.

Thirty stalls have been installed to cater to people from Jamdani and other handicrafts to Hilsha, both cooked and uncooked form for people to choose.

This annual event is quite popular among the people of Kolkata who thronged the festival in streams all the days in earlier year.


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