BAPEX to dig new wells this month

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In the 90s some local leaders, experts and Bangladesh representative of foreign companies were arguing that Bangladesh has so huge gas reserve that it should export gas. They even said that if we don’t export our gas right now our gas may become useless. Because it is very likely that new technology will be available and then new type of energy source will be used.

But Bangladesh government was abstained from exporting gas due to public pressure.

Bangladesh didn’t export gas, but now it is facing serious gas shortage. Power stations are not fully functional.

Bangladesh was so dependent on IOCs (International Oil Companies), BAPEX (Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration) was a neglected department. Though this state owned company was very successful in exploring oil and gas.

At the end BAPEX have got some opportunity to work.  They will dig two exploration well in Kapasia of Gazipur, and Sunetra of Sunamganj and Netrakona this month. They have finished rig setup work already. According to two dimensional seismic survey conducted by BAPEX, Kapasia has 550-660 billion cubic feet gas reserve and Sunetra has two-three trillion cubic feet gas reserve. But it will not be possible to lift the full reserve. Now the question is how much will be the real reserve.

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