Battery operated Rickshaws and three wheelers to continue

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Easy bikeMany manual rickshaws are operated by rechargeable batteries now, moreover battery operated imported three wheelers are plying on streets of urban and rural areas including the capital. Those battery operated three wheelers which are called “Easy Bike” are not approved by the authority. But they are not taking any step to stop those.

There are allegations that these vehicles are worsening the electricity crisis as those are using rechargeable batteries. More over those faulty and light weight three wheelers are risky. Now state minister for power, energy and mineral resource has cleared that the government has no plan to ban those three wheelers. He said this while replying a question on parliament yesterday. He said, these three wheelers are eco friendly.

But there are concerns among environmental activists that the batteries are not dumped following due procedure and used batteries are a threat to the environment and rickshaw pullers are losing their income.

The minister said a pilot project is underway to setup a recharge facility using solar power. He also said, the government is conducting a survey with the help of BUET to ensure fault free wheelers and the authority is not allowing these three wheelers on highways.

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