BBC tax raids spotlight India's press freedom

BBC tax raids spotlight India’s press freedom

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Modi replied that his main weakness was not knowing “how to handle the media”.

“It is something he has been taking care of since then,” Hartosh Singh Bal, political editor of India’s Caravan magazine, told AFP.

“It sums up their perspective.”

The BBC documentary did not air in India, but provoked a furious reaction from the government, which dismissed its content as “hostile propaganda”. Authorities used information technology laws to ban the sharing of links to the program on social media in an attempt to prevent its spread.

A BJP spokesman, Gaurav Bhatia, said the raid on the BBC’s offices this week was legal and the timing had nothing to do with the airing of the documentary. “If you are following the law of the country, if you have nothing to hide, then why be afraid of action as per the law,” he told reporters.

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