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BCB have to be free from political interference within two years.

Dhaka_news_BCB_logoDo you remember that few years ago FIFA suspended Bangladesh for political interference in

Football Federation? Now ICC may do the same if Bangladesh fails to stop political

interference in BCB within two years. In fact BCB have to do it before the annual general

meeting in June 2012. If they fail they will get additional one year.
Now board president of Bangladesh cricket is appointed by the Bangladesh government. Present

president Mustafa Kamal is a MP of ruling AL. He is also the president of parliamentary

committee for ministry of finance.
ICC’s annual general meeting held in Hong Kong also issued warning to Pakistan and Sri

Lankan cricket board. According to ICC’s new rule, cricket board must be an autonomous body,

they will need a constitution and election is needed to constitute the board. Bangladesh,

Pakistan and Sri Lankan cricket board will need most reform.
In Pakistan cricket board chief is appointed by the country’s president. He is also

designated chief patron of the board. In Sri Lanka cricket board is controlled by the sports

ministry and team is needed to be approved by the ministry.
This decision was passed unanimously, but in April Pakistan opposed the proposal.
Due to Ireland led protest from non test playing nations ICC have decided to allow 14

countries for the next world cup.

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