BCL central leadership is in open rivalry with DU unit

BCL central leadership is in open rivalry with DU unit

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Regarding the tradition of sharing the hall committee with central leaders, Mazharul Kabir said that he wants to eliminate the tendency of factionalism from the DU unit. They believe that factionalism or influence of the Central President and Secretary in the hall is a threat to the uniqueness of the DU unit.

He also pledged that if the tradition changes, no one will be deprived because of the politics of central leaders and the most deserving persons will be given priority.

Tanbir described the tradition of sharing hall committees with central leaders as a relic of the past that no longer fits the present. “There is no syndicate in BCL now and its only leader is Sheikh Hasina. We will break the tradition.”

However, some BCL leaders and workers claimed that some loyalists of Mazharul and Tanbir were not given their desired positions in the central committee and this increased their rivalry with the central leadership.

Regarding the power of permanent suspension, Tanbir said that DU unit BCL will now function with the power of permanent expulsion. This provision was included in the organization’s charter to benefit certain individuals, and many people have taken advantage of it for personal gain.

“The dark chapter is over. We will only focus on Sheikh Hasina,” he said.

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