BD government hikes CNG run auto fares

The government on Thursday raised the fare of the CNG-powered auto-rickshaws to Tk 25 from Tk 14 for the first two kilometres, and Tk 7 from Tk 6 for each following kilometre, with effect from 1 January, 2011.
It has also increased the daily rent of each auto-rickshaw to Tk 600 from Tk 450 in response to the owners’ demand. The minimum fare has been revised upward to Tk 25 from Tk 18, according to officials.
The decisions were taken at a meeting, with communications minister Syed Abul Hossain in the chair, on re-fixing the fares and daily rents of auto-rickshaws plying the roads of Dhaka and Chittagong. Senior officials of the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority and representatives of auto-rickshaw owners and drivers, along with others, attended the meeting.
According to the revised fare, the passenger will have to pay Tk 1.25 instead of Tk 1 for each minute of waiting at the traffic lights or any other spot during the ride.
The communications minister, when asked, refused to make any comment on the increased fare which is going to further burden the passengers as the drivers have always been charging beyond the approved rates in defiance of the government’s order.
This is for the fourth time that the fare has been revised after the CNG-run auto-rickshaw was introduced in 2002, when the fare for the first two kilometres was fixed at Tk 12 and Tk 5 for each ensuing kilometre, and the driver’s daily rent to the owner was fixed at Tk 300. But neither the owners nor the drivers have ever stuck to the approved rates.

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