Be aware of healthy cow

COWPerhaps you are preparing to buy a cow for the upcoming Eid ul Azha. What type of cow would you like? Local skinny cow or imported healthy cow? Experts say, you should go for local skinny cow.

So called healthy cow may damage kidney and liver. Some medicines and hormones are being used to improve cattle health. Using hormone is approved by the food and drugs administration of USA. But it is not approved by the European authority. This hormone is not produced in Bangladesh. Surprisingly it is produced in India but not used there. It is supplied to Bangladesh and used for hybrid cows.

Usually these medicines and hormones are administered prior to two or three months of Eid. This hormone do not improve muscle, water is deposited in cells which appear a healthy cattle. Side effect of the hormone is kidney and liver damage. These cattle die within three months. There is no study about the safe dose of the hormone in Bangladesh. Farmers are using according to their whim. Effect of this cattle’s meat is not clear. Residue of the hormone on cattle meat may be dangerous for human health.

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