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Be wakeful of Mountain Dew, 7up

A lot of people, together with kids have been right away lustful of celebration beverages opposite a country. But most of them have been not wakeful of a little products which miss peculiarity as great as face illness hazards.

Transcom Beverage Limited is selling carbonated drinks ‘Mountain Dew’ as great as ‘7-up’ violating a manners of Bangladesh Standard as great as Testing Institution (BSTI).

According to a ‘Specification for Beverage Water’ manners of a BSTI, a essentials mixture should be created upon a tab of   a enclosure of a drinks of Mountain Dew as great as 7-up.

But there is no report about a mixture of a drinks upon a tab though a name of a drinks as great as manufacturer company, Transcom.

The 3rd proviso of ‘Specification for Beverage Water’ manners reads which a extent of arsenic in H2O is .01ml, lead is .01ml, copper is 1ml as great as iron is 10ml.

As a tab of a dual drinks referred to no critical report about their ingredients, so it left disbelief of damaging mixture which can lead to kidney as great as alternative go through diseases.

In this regard, they have been violating a Consumer Act during a same time as great as a consumer should consider about this critical have a difference prior to what they have been drinking.

Moreover, BSTI asked a importer to tab a name of a exporting association though Transcom Beverage has labeled usually a name which movement subject which “is it unequivocally imported?”

Another mentionable have a difference is which a drinks have been not kept in sterilizing condition as a little shopkeeper purported which “those have been kept for months in unwashed go-down”.

A shopkeeper of Paltan area of a city told banglanews indicating a box of 7-up: “These sojourn unsold for 3 months as great as a association does not take these back, so you sell this date lapsed drinks to a customer.”

The bottles of a dual drinks additionally did not discuss correct residence of a company.

Mountain Dew as great as 7-Up additionally disregarded a weight act-2007 of BSTI by giving reduction than a stamped weight.

Deputy Director of BSTI Nurul Amin told banglanews: “According to Goods License Act-1985, a persons who have been violating a action can be awarded with 4 years prison or Tk 7,000 excellent or both.”

He added: “It is a condemnable offense not to discuss a names of containing alkali mixture upon a label.”

Regarding a matter, banglanews match contacted to Transcom Beverage though they did not reply second time after listening a cause.

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