‘Beware of Destiny’- says Bangladesh Bank

Destiny 2000 started its journey in the year 2000. It is a multilevel company. It makes some members in return for money and those members collect more members in the same way. By making members they earn something. This is the main policy used by destiny. It is reported that now destiny have about 45 lakh members. Many nonresident Bangladesh also became member by investing huge amount of money.

Destiny successfully allured the young, old and middle aged people, because they promised to offer much higher interest rate than the traditional banking system.
Many multilevel companies deceived people in the past. But still some other multilevel companies are functional in the country.

Now the central bank Bangladesh Bank has warned people saying that the destiny run banking system has no approval by the central bank. Destiny has 30 sister concern including TV, newspaper, press and medical college. A veteran banker has opined that these multilevel companies should not be allowed. Parliamentary standing committee on commerce affairs has asked the government to take action against destiny.

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