Bindu: From glam to de-glam

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In a career travelling 4 years, Bindu has already witnessed a lot of success. She is behaving in multiform TV serials. Her tour in a media proposed with winning a “Lux Channel i Superstar” contest.

“I wish to be recognized as a apt actress, as well as that’s what I’m operative upon during a moment,” she said.

Some of a serials featuring Bindu which have been right away upon air are: “Hawai Mithai”, “Ikarus-er Dana”, “Pother Dabi”, “Kalo Chaya”, “Akasher Niche Manush”. When asked about them, Bindu commented, “They have been all utterly opposite from any other, we unequivocally suffer operative in them.”

Speaking of characters which mount out, Bindu said, “In ‘Kalo Chhaya’, aired upon Masranga Television, we had to put upon unequivocally dim makeup. we could frequency recognize myself. we fool around a purpose of a Christian lady in ‘Pother Dabi’, which is an instrumentation of a novel by Sharatchandra Chattopadhyay. In ‘Hawai Mithai’, we execute a farming girl.”

Bindu added, “Many likely which we couldn’t lift off deglamourised roles. we took which as a challenge. I’m happy which a viewers have been seeing my efforts.”

Bindu has not limited herself to TV; she has additionally ventured in to movies. Her initial movie was “Daruchini Dwip” by Tauquir Ahmed. She additionally acted in “Jaago” as well as “Piriter Dokandari”. At present, she is operative upon “Ei Toh Prem” by Sohel Arman. The movie additionally facilities Shakib Khan. “Ami Tomar Mon-er Bhetor — a strain from a movie — has already gained popularity.

Some of Bindu’s renouned TV serials embody “Makbul Bibartan”, “Chhotobela”, “Breaking News”, “Ekmutho Roddur”, “Chhobir Deshe”, “Kobitar Deshe”, “Lilaboti”, “Amar Kothati Furalo” as well as “Bhalobashi Ashchorjo Meghdol” etc.

Recently, she acted in “Iti, Tomar Bon” — created by Anisul Haque as well as destined by Himel Ashraf. “My purpose had a small unequivocally relocating dialogues, it would really be upon a list of my favourites,” she said.

Alongside her work, she has additionally kept her preparation steady. She is right away completing her BBA during Jahangirnagar University.

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