BNP leader Salah Uddin's name still shrouded in mystery

BNP leader Salah Uddin's name still shrouded in mystery

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Despite being acquitted, Salahuddin could not return home. Regarding this, he said, “There is no case against me, the court has acquitted me, but I am not being sent back. Some people believe that I am not returning home on my own will… a misconception prevails here.”

Instead he asked the Ministry of External Affairs and the Indian government to question him on his current status and made it clear that he had no role in the process.

According to sources close to Salah Uddin, he had applied for a travel pass from the Meghalaya state government and it was issued on 8 June 2023. But the pass alone is not enough for his return. As per bilateral repatriation rules, he also needs an 'exit pass'.

The state government has sought instructions from the central government in this regard, but is yet to receive the necessary approval.

Salahuddin told Pratham Alo that the Foreign Ministry did not give any approval, possibly due to negative instructions from the Bangladesh government.

A BNP source said the party had sought help from the Indian High Commission in Dhaka to bring him back, but there was no progress in the process.

BNP Standing Committee member Gayeswar Chandra Roy said there is no case against Salahuddin and he has been acquitted by the court. Now it is up to the Indian government to send him back and the Bangladesh government will take him with them.

“I have become sick and old. Now my last wish is to die at home,” Salahuddin Ahmed said while talking to Prothom Alo.

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