Road march will continue till the government falls: Fakhrul

BNP will start a 15-day program this week

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According to sources, BNP policy makers plan to hold rallies and street meetings amid the street march. They want to use these programs to take their one-point movement to the final stage. In this phase, road marches and rallies will continue till September 3. A new series of Dhaka-focused events will be announced thereafter. This will continue till October. Basically this program will continue till the announcement of the 12th parliamentary election schedule.

Earlier, Jubo Dal, Swachhashebok Dal and Chhatra Dal organized youth rallies across the country. At the youth rally held at Suhrawardy Udyan in Dhaka on 22 July, BNP announced its grand rally in Dhaka on 28 August. This time too, a big Dhaka-centric program is likely to be announced after four rallies and road marches in Dhaka and Narayanganj.

“The government is distressed after losing support inside and outside the country,” BNP standing committee member Ameer Khasru Mahmood Chowdhury told Prothom Alo. She is fiercely targeting BNP. We are on the streets. We will adopt a program to take the ongoing movement to a successful conclusion.”

After launching a one-point agitation from July 12 aimed at removing the government, the BNP and other opposition parties and alliances have organized grand rallies in Dhaka, sit-in programs at entry points of Dhaka and several street marches. The concerned persons say that BNP wants that the programs going on for the next 15 days should remain peaceful. The huge crowd gathering at the programs will send a message to the government to resign peacefully and hand over power to a non-partisan government. Even after this, if the government does not reach a peaceful solution then strict programs will be adopted.

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