BNP's 10-point charter: ruling party, opposition face to face

BNP’s 10-point charter: ruling party, opposition face to face

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The 2018 election was attended by the opposition, including the BNP, but this election drew heavy criticism over transparency and allegations of ballot stuffing the night before polling day.

This time, the Awami League and BNP are facing each other with their like-minded parties keeping another parliamentary election at the center. The BNP and its like-minded parties want the resignation of the current government and elections under a non-partisan government, while the ruling party is unwilling to compromise at all.

The history of meeting the demands of the opposition in Bangladesh is largely based on street agitation and violence is seen in this agitation. The issue has become part of the political culture in Bangladesh. Will the country leave this culture this time? If this happens then it will be better for all.

*This report appeared in the online edition of Prothom Elo and was rewritten in English by Hasanul Banna

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