'Boat' candidates 'unaffected' on 14 out of 19 seats in Dhaka

‘Boat’ candidates ‘unaffected’ on 14 out of 19 seats in Dhaka

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Apart from the ‘Plough’ election symbol, there are also several candidates with ‘Mango’, ‘Green Coconut’ and ‘Television’ election symbols. Although there are many candidates with these symbols, they are not strong individually or organizationally. Therefore, candidates with ‘Mango’, ‘Green Coconut’ and ‘Plough’ election symbols are hardly in a position to contest against the ‘Boat’ election symbol. This became clear while visiting various constituencies of the city.

According to the Election Commission (EC), there are 156 candidates for 20 seats in Dhaka district and city. There are minimum 5 to maximum 13 candidates for each seat in Dhaka. Among the 19 seats where there are ‘Naav’ candidates, the National People’s Party has fielded the second highest number of candidates with ‘Aam’ election symbol. Jatiya Party candidates are contesting elections on 13 seats of Dhaka with ‘Hal’. This was followed by 11 candidates of Trinomool BNP with ‘Golden Fibre’ election symbol, 11 with ‘Cane’ election symbol of Bangladesh Sangskritil Muktijot, 10 candidates of Bangladesh Nationalist Front (BNF) with ‘Television’ election symbol and 6 candidates of Bangladesh Congress. Are in the field with ‘green coconuts’. ‘ Sign.

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