British MP Samuel Terry's visit to Dhaka: Exploring Bangladesh's development activities  UDDIPAN, FMCG, AND BILATERAL TRADE

British MP Samuel Terry’s visit to Dhaka: Exploring Bangladesh’s development activities UDDIPAN, FMCG, AND BILATERAL TRADE

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UDDIPAN President Mohammad Nazrul Islam Khan expressed his gratitude to British politician Samuel Terry for visiting various sites to know the developmental work in Bangladesh.

“The economy of Bangladesh is rapidly moving towards a developing economy. We believe that the country has the potential to reach this milestone. Uddipan is supporting the journey as a non-government development agency,” he said.

Regarding Samuel Terry’s visit to Dhaka, UDDIPAN Director Nazir Alam said that the international delegate had come to experience the rapid development of Bangladesh in the last decade.

“Bangladeshi products have the potential to enter the European market. In addition, Terry can also contribute to economic cooperation as he represents a constituency that hosts one of the largest South Asian communities in the UK,” he said.

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