Brother and Sister’s joint eve teasing!

Dhaka_news_teasingMany men engage themselves in eve teasing, especially in their young age. But can you

imagine, a brother is eve teasing with the help of his own sister?
This unbelievable incident occurred in Tangail. A man Kamrul, 20 years of age was repeatedly

harassing a girl of class eight of the Jitndrabala Girls’ High School of Rajabari village.
Yesterday he and his sister went to the school, he stayed outside the school and her sister

tactfully tried to influence the girl to come out of the school.
Noticing her (Kamrul’s sister) suspicious behavior school teachers asked her about the

reason. Then she ran away. But she and her brother failed to escape. Police took the brother

and sister to mobile court and the court fined the sister (2000 tk) and gave the brother six

months imprisonment.
Eve teasing has been a big problem in recent days in Bangladesh. Girls, young women, even

middle aged women are frequently harassed sexually in public transports, educational

institutions, and in working places.

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