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BSF demonstrates power to grab Bangladeshi farmland

borderBangladesh has about one hundred and forty Bighas of land in Khoairchar of Chunarughat. In 1992 Bangladeshi farmers attempted to build a makeshift bridge to connect their farmland to the mainland. But at that time BSF (Border Security Forces) opposed it without any reason. It created a tension between border guards of the two countries. Trenches were excavated to tighten security. Month long tension was diffused after flag meeting between the two forces.

After a high level meeting between Dhaka and Delhi it was settled that Khoairchar is Bangladeshi territory. Two years ago BSF put barbed wire fencing following previous decision.

But BSF again invaded that area, Indians started to cultivate the occupied land. Six months ago Bangladeshi border guards allowed Bangladeshi farmers to go back and cultivate their land.

Two days ago BSF suddenly threatened Bangladeshi farmers and they were forced to flee. BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) officials said that they have informed this matter to the higher authority.

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