BSF shoots Bangladeshi at Cumilla border

BSF shoots Bangladeshi at Cumilla border

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Locals heard firing sound from Jamtala Uttarpara border area at around 8 am and a Bangladeshi was killed in BSF firing while bringing sugar from India, Abul Kashim, a member of the local Union Parishad, said.

Abul Kashim further said that he along with members of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Shankachail camp went to the barbed wire fence on the border and saw the body.

Five locals, who did not wish to be named, alleged that Anwar Hussain, who was killed, was standing on the Bangladesh border. At one point, BSF members called him from a distance and then shot at his legs. Anwar Hussain, who was injured by the bullets, crawled for some distance, but then 3-4 BSF members pulled him to the other side of the fence.

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