Bubu Ogisi: Nigeria's fashion 'Arbinger' unveiled with African tales

Bubu Ogisi: Nigeria’s fashion ‘Arbinger’ unveiled with African tales

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“I look at Bubu as an artist and I look at her as a pioneer of craftsmanship in a way, you know, she goes out of her comfort zone to travel into communities.”

Increasingly, Nigeria’s creative industries are making their mark around the world, with Afrobeats music stars Burna Boy and Sek filling stadiums and winning awards, while Nollywood movies are becoming hits on streaming platforms Netflix and Amazon Prime.

For Ogisi, who has worked with musicians and other artistes, Nigerian fashion naturally intersects with other worlds of entertainment. He said, “You can’t take off any of these musicians’ costumes, you never can.”

“Directors need their films to be as visually amazing as they are for the audience, and you can’t do that without a set of amazing pieces for the body.”

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