Budget 2024-25: Big gap between income and aspirations

Budget 2024-25: Big gap between income and aspirations

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The proposal to convert black money into white money in the new budget is being criticized the most. Despite giving special facilities to tax evaders, the government cannot discriminate against honest taxpayers.

While they are paying a maximum of 30 per cent tax, people with black money will be exempted from only 15 per cent tax. This is not only discriminatory but also unethical.

Another criticism of the proposed budget is the reduction in allocation to the education sector. In the current financial year, the allocation to this sector was 1.75 percent of GDP, which has been proposed to be reduced to 1.59 percent.

We believe, it will be beneficial for the country as well as the people if the Finance Minister takes realistic initiatives to resolve the issues instead of ignoring the criticism of the budget by experts, businessmen and opposition politicians.

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