BUET alumni see bad politics in the guise of student politics

BUET alumni see bad politics in the guise of student politics

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Despite being out of political activities, the institution is continuously working towards building a smart Bangladesh with the aim of academic excellence and national progress by creating an environment of peaceful co-existence among its teachers, students and officials.

Seventhly, BUET is historically proven and recognized as a technical education institution of the highest quality.

BUET alumni believe that the institute is not a breeding ground for extremism. If there is even the slightest hint or fear in this regard, the university authorities and the government will definitely suppress it strictly.

Eighthly, it is the responsibility of the university authorities to ensure the safety of students. BUET alumni urge the university authorities to take the matter seriously keeping in mind the insecurities repeatedly expressed by the general students.

Ninthly, BUET alumni believe that the recent crisis will be resolved soon. Like in the past, mutual respect, harmony and good standing of students, administration and teachers will always survive. Furthermore, all stakeholders will be committed to maintaining the glory and reputation of the institute.

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