BUET professor demonstrates EVM again

Ruling Awami League likes to use EVM (Electronic voting machine) but there is strong opposition on EVM from the other major political party BNP.

Past election commission advocated for EVM, they thought it reduces ballot paper cost; vote counting is much faster than manual ballot paper counting.

Those EVMs were made in Bangladesh machine tools factory with the technical assistance of BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology). BUET experts have been always insisting that these EVMs are temper proof and there is not scope of hacking. But they failed to convince BNP.

BNP abstained the election commission from using EVMs in parliamentary elections. Now the new election commission is also thinking to use EVM in the next parliamentary election. Yesterday the BUET experts demonstrated EVM before the new election commission. Sources said the commission only wanted to get acquainted with the machine. They will take decision later.

BUET professor Luftul Kabir developed the software and he led the BUET delegation yesterday.

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