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Business residence hopes to move Tata Nano to Pakistani roads

Islamabad, May 5 (BSS/PTI) The Tata Nano, the world’s cheapest car, could be cruising upon Pakistani roads if the governments of India as well as Pakistan mislay bottlenecks station in the approach of corner ventures as well as investments in in in in between the dual countries.

The International Multi Group of Companies, the Pakistani commercial operation residence with interests in areas as opposite as succulent oil as well as movie imports, has voiced an seductiveness in importing vehicles from India’s outrageous Tata Group, together with the Nano as well as CNG buses.

“We already have the minute of vigilant with the Tata Group as we
were meddlesome in their CNG buses. At the after stage, if
restrictions in the traffic policies of both India as well as Pakistan are
removed, you have been meddlesome in bringing the Nano to Pakistan,”
IMGC Global Chairman Amjad Rashid told PTI yesterday.

IMGC’s skeleton to import CNG buses from Tata have been hold up
due to restrictions in Pakistan’s traffic policy, which allows the
import of customarily the singular series of vehicles as well as creates it
mandatory for the infancy of vehicles to be fabricated inside of the

At the same time, the Reserve Bank of India’s policies do not
allow corner ventures as well as investments in Pakistan.

“We lifted these issues with Indian Commerce Secretary Rahul
Khullar when he was in Islamabad final month for talks with the
Pakistani Commerce Secretary as well as he betrothed to get these
restrictions removed,” Rashid said.

Rashid pronounced his group, which has an annual turnover of about
USD 200 million, is penetrating upon bringing the Nano in to Pakistan.

“That is the idealisation objective. We already have the minute of
intent. Once the bottlenecks have been removed, you would import the CNG
buses as well as the subsequent step would be the Nano,” he said.

IMGC, the single of Pakistan’s largest manufacturers of succulent oil,
is additionally meddlesome in collaborating in alternative sectors with the
Tata Group, together with technology, Rashid said.

The organisation is additionally Pakistan’s largest importer of Indian

“We brought in thirty Indian drive-in theatre final year as well as you have signed
for fifteen some-more drive-in theatre this year. We have been additionally about to interpretation the deal
for digital movie technology, which will mislay the need for
importing movie prints as cinema will be brought in as digital
files,” Rashid said.

A Tata Group elect which visited Pakistan about dual years
ago had hold meetings with multiform comparison officials as well as leaders,
including the Industry as well as Commerce Secretaries as well as Punjab Chief
Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

The elect had even voiced seductiveness in donating some
CNG buses to Pakistan.

However, the Tata Group corroborated off upon commercial operation ventures with
Pakistan after the 2008 Mumbai apprehension attacks, when the organisation of
militants targeted multiform locations in India’s monetary hub,
including the iconic Taj Mahal Palace Hotel owned by the Tatas.

The ultimate resumption of the India-Pakistan assent routine has
given the progress to multiform commercial operation proposals in in in in between the two
countries which have been in the pipeline.

IMGC Global authority Rashid was between the Pakistani
businessmen who participated in multiform meetings hold during
Commerce Secretary Khullar’s revisit to Pakistan to plead ways to
increase traffic cooperation, together with accede for joint
ventures as well as investment.

Pakistani traders have been seeking during India as the pass marketplace for
their products similar to concrete as well as textiles, whilst India is being
seen as the provider of low-cost record as well as products similar to the
Nano, which was launched in 2008 with the cost tab of Rs 1 lakh.


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