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Call for convincing probe

Amnesty International yesterday pronounced a government’s traffic with a Limon emanate was a hoax as good as it unprotected contradictions as good as miss of burden inside of a state system.

Limon Hossain, a college student, mislaid a leg after Rab shot him upon Mar twenty-three during Chhaturia of Jhalakathi.

“It’s a obvious e.g. of mockery. You fool around around with a hold up of immature people as good as do not solve burden in a system. There have been hundreds of family groups during obligatory need of probity after apropos victims of this force,” pronounced Deputy Director of Asia-Pacific Programme of Amnesty International Madhu Malhotra.

She done a criticism after upon vacation Limon Hossain. Malhotra was accompanied by Amnesty International researcher Andrew Frueti.

While articulate to a Amnesty International team, Limon himself voiced courtesy over whom to find probity from. He forked out statements done by a budding minister’s counterclaim confidant as good as Home Minister Sahara Khatun perplexing to code not usually him yet additionally his family members as criminals.

Talking to reporters after a visit, Malhotra pronounced a accessible outline of a eventuality as good as statements done by Rab as good as a organisation have been contradictory. “It is a mockery… you have so most contradictions inside of a system. There is a need for just as good as eccentric review to see what essentially happened,” Malhotra added.

The Amnesty International group urged a organisation to do a promises done dual as good as half years ago prior to a election. The group pronounced Amnesty International is not wakeful of a singular example of charge of a Rab personnel.

“If conviction of a usual chairman of Bangladesh is to be backed in a system, this is a tall time for Bangladesh,” Malhotra said, adding, “This is a singular event for Bangladesh to show, by Limon’s case, which convincing investigations have been being conducted as good as probity is being delivered, patently by a satisfactory trial. Some arrange of burden have to be put in place to have certain no such defilement takes place in future.”

On a organisation review in to a Limon’s case, Malhotra urged just involvement in each review rsther than than ones being merely finished by Rab crew or organisation officials. She urged a organisation to have examine reports public.

Limon told a group which he is scheming to lay for a HSC examination. He is incompetent to see his relatives for over a week as their stay is not available during Gano Shasthya Kendra in Dhanmondi.

“You have been unequivocally brave, Limon. You have been looking law as good as justice,” pronounced Malhotra.

“We have been here to pull so which probity is delivered to you as good as you have been scrupulously rehabilitated as good as compensated,” she added.

As a group bade farewell to Limon, reporters benefaction there asked for his reaction.

Sitting upon a bed with his usually leg dangling, a ease as good as dynamic Limon in a singular exhale said, “There is nothing yet a budding apportion from whom you can find probity during this moment. you wish low mark if just as good as eccentric review finds me guilty. If not, you wish low mark to those who hold me by a neck cuff of my shirt prior to sharpened me land a gun opposite my leg.”

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