Camilla University: Closing the university cannot be a solution

Camilla University: Closing the university cannot be a solution

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Cumilla University authorities have not taken any initiative to resolve the deadlock that has been going on in the university for several weeks. The consequences of inaction became so bad that the university authorities had to call an emergency meeting of the syndicate and decide to close it indefinitely and ask students to vacate the residential halls.

It cannot be said that this order of the highest decision making body of the university was successful in ending the deadlock. Most of the students are still living in residential halls and they organized human chains on the campus on 30 April and 1 May, demanding the reopening of the university. The question of the students is why their academic studies should be disrupted due to the conflict between the Vice Chancellor and the teachers. The students said that they had just returned to the campus after the Eid holidays and now asking them to leave the campus is illogical and inhumane.

Any conflict between the VC and the teachers union on any administrative issue should be resolved through negotiations. Both parties will have to follow the rules of the university. Just as unjust demands cannot be met by force, universities cannot be run arbitrarily.

However, most of our public university VCs want to run the administration arbitrarily.

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