Campus sexual harassment and power politics

Campus sexual harassment and power politics

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Both reports state that this environment of injustice has emerged under the influence of power and political patronage and has more or less become the norm. The matter of concern is that allegations of sexual harassment are made against teachers as much as students. Many of these teachers are relatively young.

Although there is no scientific study, various media reports have revealed that these relatively young teachers have joined the teaching profession during the 15 long years of the Awami League government and have been appointed on the mandatory condition of their political identity and loyalty. I went.

There is no need to repeat how the monopoly of power at the state level has undermined the fundamental rights of the citizens. Be it various organizations in the service sector, police or administration, no one cares about accountability.

Promotions and rewards are given based on how successful or efficient they are in suppressing political opponents and dissenting views. It is no different in the case of administrative posts in universities. Here too there is a severe imbalance in power. There is no effective accountability in the Senate or the Syndicate. Due to absence of student union, students also have no platform to express their views.

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