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Thirteen hundred years old temples found

A team lead by archeologist Shahnaz Hossain has discovered two temples near the northern town Panchagarh. These temples are situated at sixteen kilometers away from the Panchagarh town. Archeologist Shahnaz Hossain has taken his PhD degree from India. His team has been doing excavation work since 2009. More excavation is needed to fully unearth these […]

Kinder garten in Suchitra Sen’s ancestral house

Legendary Indian actress Suchitra Sen was born in Pabna, the northern district of Bangladesh. She also spent her childhood there. Her family was migrated to India after the separation of India in 1947. Then their house was finally taken as vested property by the government. Now that house is being used as Kinder Garten School. […]

Young are leading the fashion revolution in the country

Bangladeshis buy gorgeous new dresses on religious, social and national occasions like Eid, Puja, Pahela Baishakh, mother’s day or father’s day. But solvent consumers were buying foreign dresses some decades ago. Now most of them are choosing local brands. These dresses by local brands have the quality to compete with foreign brands and they are […]

Sweetmeat given to BSF by BGB

Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Border Security Force (BSF) are the border security force of Bangladesh and India respectively. The relation between the two forces was not always at the level as it should be. Many times BSF tried to take some portion of Bangladesh territory, ignorance of international law, shooting unarmed civilians including innocent […]

Victory day observed

The nation celebrated its 41st victory day today. On this day in 1971 about ninety three thousand Pakistani occupation forces surrendered to the joint forces comprising by Indian army and Bangladeshi Mukti Bahini. It was a war of only nine months, but it is one of the bloodiest wars of independence in modern history. Many […]

Martyred Intellectuals Day today

Today is Martyred Intellectuals Day. It’s a day of sorrow for the Bangladeshis. In this day in 1971 India – Bangladesh joint force was on the verge of victory. Sensing the fact the Pakistani force and their local collaborators decided to kill some frontline intellectuals of the country. Doctors, University academics, journalists engineers were among […]

Second edition of Banglapedia hits market

Second edition of fourteen part Banglapedia is released. Banglapedia is known as national encyclopedia of Bangladesh. This encyclopedia contains information on history of Bangladesh, literature, culture, science and technology. First edition of Banglapedia was released in 2003 after thirty two years of liberation. Many prominent personalities tried to make an encyclopedia on this region. But […]

Offices reopened after Eid vacation

Eid-ul-Azha is the second biggest Muslim festival. Employees of government, semi government, autonomous and private offices enjoyed three day long Eid holiday. Offices reopened today but attendance is lower than usual. Everyone is in festive mode. They are exchanging Eid greetings and hugging each other. Usual scene of traffic congestion is vanished. But some places […]

Asmani is no more

Jasimuddin is famous for his poetry and other literary works on the village life of Bangladesh. Especially he highlighted the poverty and inequality. He dreamed a society of justice and equality. Many of the characters of his literature were from his observation of village life. Rupai and Asmani were two of them. Rupai died few […]

Iftar culture of Dhaka

Dhaka, specially old Dhaka has a long tradition of delicious Iftar items. Chawkbazar is synonymous to Iftar market of Dhaka. It has a long tradition, during the holy month of Ramadan residents of Dhaka swarm to the Chawkbazar Iftar market. As if this is the only one Iftar market in Dhaka. Many delicious Iftar items […]

Dhaka is the capital of Islamic culture

In 2004 Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ((ISESCO) taken a ten year long program to highlight Islamic culture and establishments around the globe. At that time it was decided that Dhaka will be celebrated as the capital of Islamic culture of the Asian region in 2012. Dhaka is a city of mosques; no other […]

Oil, Gas Committee program stopped by the administration

National committee for safeguarding oil and gas is a citizen’s committee formed by some prominent personalities in Bangladesh. This committee believes that natural resources of Bangladesh should be explored by the local companies. If there are some technical limitations, the local companies should take foreign help. But if the foreign companies get the full contract, […]

Bangladesh seeking Dutch assistance for river dredging

Bangladesh is a land of rivers. The country is crisscrossed by more than three hundred rivers. River communication was the main communication in the past. Still river is preferred for low cost; moreover it is relatively eco-friendly.   River communication takes time but its maintenance cost is much less than the highways.   But today’s […]

National Zoo of Bangladesh facing challenges

CHISTY RAHIM from Dhaka: The entrance ticket of the national zoo of Bangladesh costs only tk.10/entrants. So that explained why the zoo was quiet crowded when I paid it a visit last Wednesday. It was rousing to see so many people paying a visit at the national zoo though, but then again, when you take […]

Dhaka to get a new museum “Taka Jadughar”

The central bank of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Bank building is housing a museum ‘currency museum’. Now the government has decided to move this museum to its training academy building at Mirpur. This will be relatively a larger museum and it will be known as “Taka Jadughar” instead of ‘currency museum’. Bangladesh has a rich history, sometimes […]