In Bandarban, Mru people attacked, set houses on fire, ransacked

Miscreants allegedly set ablaze 350 acres of jhum land at Rengyenpara, Langkompara and Joychandrapara on 26 April 2022, following which several people were arrested. The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) ordered the district administration and the superintendent of police to take legal action against the rubber company and rehabilitate the people of Mri and Tribura. […]

Bangladeshi tourism industry is reviving amid lack of foreign tourists

Bangladesh is a country of natural beauty with world’s largest mangrove forest, longest sea beach and other tourist destinations like Kuakata and lovely Chittagong hill tracts. But the country has never successfully attracted foreign tourists. Especially after the 2016 terrorist attack in a Dhaka restaurant which targeted non-Muslim foreigners, the country suffered a huge blow. […]

Young are leading the fashion revolution in the country

Bangladeshis buy gorgeous new dresses on religious, social and national occasions like Eid, Puja, Pahela Baishakh, mother’s day or father’s day. But solvent consumers were buying foreign dresses some decades ago. Now most of them are choosing local brands. These dresses by local brands have the quality to compete with foreign brands and they are […]

Second edition of Banglapedia hits market

Second edition of fourteen part Banglapedia is released. Banglapedia is known as national encyclopedia of Bangladesh. This encyclopedia contains information on history of Bangladesh, literature, culture, science and technology. First edition of Banglapedia was released in 2003 after thirty two years of liberation. Many prominent personalities tried to make an encyclopedia on this region. But […]

Offices reopened after Eid vacation

Eid-ul-Azha is the second biggest Muslim festival. Employees of government, semi government, autonomous and private offices enjoyed three day long Eid holiday. Offices reopened today but attendance is lower than usual. Everyone is in festive mode. They are exchanging Eid greetings and hugging each other. Usual scene of traffic congestion is vanished. But some places […]

Oil, Gas Committee program stopped by the administration

National committee for safeguarding oil and gas is a citizen’s committee formed by some prominent personalities in Bangladesh. This committee believes that natural resources of Bangladesh should be explored by the local companies. If there are some technical limitations, the local companies should take foreign help. But if the foreign companies get the full contract, […]