Tiger skin seized

There was a time when Royal Bengal Tigers were everywhere in Asia. But now the Sundarban is the only habitation of the Royal Bengal Tigers. Even there the tigers are facing many manmade and natural difficulties. Many experts fear that this giant creature is on the verge of extinction. The global climate change problem is […]

Now allegation is against the Chittagong Engineering University authority.

We are familiar with illegal hill digging news. Many powerful people dig hill in the hilly area for housing project. Police and environmental department of the government are failing to stop them. Intellectuals like teacher of universities condemn this. But now the Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology is digging hill for their new building […]

World Bank suspends Padma bridge Fund

Implementation of the Padma multipurpose bridge-project as the consortium of the four lending agencies led by the World Bank become uncertain $2 billion has interrupted a Fund of $1.345 (b) for the project, to an allegation of corruption the bidding process for the appointment of construction monitoring consultant settled is. Mohammad Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan, Secretary […]

Up to 12 years of imprisonment proposed for killing tiger or elephant. (Part-I)

There was a time when kings and landlords hunted bears or tigers. It was their recreation. Even government encouraged deforestation, because at that time government wanted more farmland. Time has changed, now experts are concerned about the conservation biodiversity. Herbs and wild life are in danger, Many species are gone any many more are on […]

Sundarban power plant debate.

When Sundarban is contesting for natural seven wonders, Prajatan (Tourism) Corporation is running its campaign for Sundarban; the government the planning to establish a thermal power plant in Rampal near Sundarban, along with a shipyard and a godown. Environmental activists saying this 1,320 MW coal-fired power plant would have serious adverse effect on the world’s […]

Nicolas Cage Arrested For Domestic Violence

Police in New Orleans Louisiana took Oscar-winning actress Nicolas Cage in to control after what they inform as a ‘public fight’ with his wife  Alice Kim. According to a Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office, a 47-year-old actress was arrested early this morning, after witnesses saw him ‘arguing with his wife’ upon a streets of New Orleans […]

Taj To Be Repaired

The tourism profile of Agra, the city of the Taj Mahal, is all set to change with a line-up of projects that would bring in more revenue and extend basic amenities at its world famous monuments. The focus of development will now also be on promoting religious and cultural sites, other than historical monuments. A […]