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Bangladeshi Cricketer Rubel Hossain sent to Jail | Rubel Hossain & Happy Scandal

Bangladesh National team cricketer Rubel Hossain has been sent to Jail after Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate issued the order after almost an hour’s hearing on Thursday. Rubel, who is in the Bangladesh’s cricket squad for the forthcoming World Cup, surrendered to Dhaka’s Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court and appealed for a bail on Thursday morning. That was […]

Cricketer Rubel Hossain & Film actress Naznin Akter Happy sex relationship

Bangladeshi film actress Naznin Akter Happy made a rape allegations against Bangladesh national team cricketer Rubel Hossain. Mirpur, Dhaka police have filed a case under the Women and Children Repression (9/1 act) on Saturday evening. The actress alleged that Rubel tempted a relationship with her. She also claimed that he had a sexual relationship. Mirpur […]

Eve Teasers make teenage girl’s video in Mymensingh

The Girl claimed that, she works in a diagnostic center. In the way of going to her office, some young person used to eve tease her consistently. But, she did not allow them to continue that eve teasing. So, those eve teaser started to trying sexual harassment. Local administration ensured that, some of the eve […]

Two million dollars for a nude scene!

producer count two million dollars for a nude scene . Churches were on the scene out of the Queen will walk naked through the city. But, the only actress in this scene has been drawn to this amount. However, it is interesting is not a movie scene. TV serial “game of thrones. The Queen was […]

This is how peers influence young adults’ sexual habits

If you want to know if your growing kid is learning healthy sexual habits, check on his college friends. According to significant research, awareness about how peers can affect young adults’ sexual behaviours is important for parents, teachers and healthcare professionals who want to stimulate adolescents’ responsible and healthy sexual decision making. “Adolescents who think […]

Sexual harassment: DU teacher suspended

Professor Saiful was issued a show cause notice with an obligation to reply to it within next ten days Professor Saiful Islam, chairman of Theater and Performance Studies department of Dhaka University, has been suspended from his job over an allegation of sexual harassment against him. The decision came from a syndicate meeting over the […]

Topless Bangladeshi model debate

Maksuda is a Bangladeshi American girl. She was born in Bangladesh and grew up in a Muslim family, but migrated to United States when she was only four. She changed her faith too, changed her name as Maks. Now she is a woman of twenty two. She has created an outrage in the west and […]

A man cuts own penis

In a peculiar incident a man Liton Mian of twenty four has cut his own penis today. He is in critical condition and admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH). He is from Mymensingh and son of late Abdul Jabbar. Liton’s brother in law says, Liton was a cargo cart puller, married to Halima begum […]

Halal sex shop!

Sex shop or adult stores are common in the western countries. Adult customers can buy various products like vibrator, lubricant, etc from there. But sex is to some extent taboo in the east. Especially the Muslim culture prohibits unnatural sexual behavior. Turkey is a secular country but majority of its citizens are Muslim. Haluk Murat […]

Controversial two finger test for rape victims

Bangladesh high court has recently show caused the authority on ‘two finger test’ conducted on rape victims. Medical examination for rape victims is aimed to determine whether she was raped or not. Sometimes consensual sex is also claimed as rape case. But the law and other procedure to get justice in the male dominated world […]

Six young women rescued from Union Parishad chairman owned house

Six young women were rescued from a Union Parishad chairman owned house at a remote village of Joypurhat on the day before Eid ul Azha. These young women were held for about two years and forced for prostitution in the house. That chairman is an influential figure of the village. Locals suspected the matter before […]

Tunisian women doing ‘Sex Jihad’

Tunisian women are visiting Syria to help the Syrian rebels. Syrian civil war has turned into a sectarian conflict. Sunni Islamists are fighting to oust Shia dominated Assad government. Many Sunni clerics are terming it as a jihad. According to Tunisian interior minister, about a thousand Tunisian young men have joined the war against Assad […]

UK’s porn industry expected to boom this year

California of Los Angeles in the United States has been home for adult entertainment industry for more than years. It is a million dollar industry. It also employed many people there. Even when the economy is facing financial crisis the porn industry of California especially online porn companies have been booming in recent years. There […]

Can man rape his wife?

What is the definition of rape? Can man have forcible sex with his wife? More than one hundred and fifty year old Indian Penal Code does not recognize marital rape as a criminal offense, though more than one hundred countries in the world have criminalized marital rape. The sexual assault bill was placed in the […]