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Five places of Shopping in Kolkata

Lots of people from Bangladesh are regularly having a visit in Kolkata. Bangladeshi People visits Kolkata mainly for Tourism, Medical & shopping purpose. Lets have some idea where to have shopping in Kolkata easily. We are discussing about 5 markets to enjoy shopping in Kolkata. Every day, there are number of Bus service which make […]

Cox’s Bazar to ‘have special economic zone’

‘Cox’s Bazar will be developed as a special economic zone and a special tourist spot’ Planning Minister AHM Mostafa Kamal yesterday said the government will develop a special economic zone in Cox’s Bazar considering its tourism and economic potentials. “Cox’s Bazar will be developed as a special economic zone and a special tourist spot,” the […]

Animals are in danger for high temperature

Animals in Dhaka National Zoo are in serious trouble for high temperature of this summer. Animals like tiger, Lion, Hyena, Beer are the most serious victim of this summer. Elephant, Deer and other animals who eat vegetables and tree are quiet safe in this summer.

Dhaka is the capital of Islamic culture

In 2004 Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ((ISESCO) taken a ten year long program to highlight Islamic culture and establishments around the globe. At that time it was decided that Dhaka will be celebrated as the capital of Islamic culture of the Asian region in 2012. Dhaka is a city of mosques; no other […]

National Zoo of Bangladesh facing challenges

CHISTY RAHIM from Dhaka: The entrance ticket of the national zoo of Bangladesh costs only tk.10/entrants. So that explained why the zoo was quiet crowded when I paid it a visit last Wednesday. It was rousing to see so many people paying a visit at the national zoo though, but then again, when you take […]

Human right activists are furious to see Naked Jarawa women dance like Human zoo

Indian Andaman Islands are the resident for some tribes who are now in danger of dying out. Jarawa tribe is one of them, now this tribe has only 403 members. Tribes like Jarawa are susceptible to outside influence and the Indian government has banned contacting them. Even photographing is also illegal. But a British newspaper […]

World Tourism Day 2011

This year the World Tourism Day (WTD) was celebrated in Bangladesh upon twenty-seven Sep as elsewhere of the world. The thesis of the WTD is ‘Tourism Linking Cultures.’ It equates to joining together the cultures of the star by travel. Millions of people revisit most places as good as believe pick cultures any year. This […]

Asian tourism satisfactory in Dhaka from Sep 29

A three-day informal tourism satisfactory is starting to proceed in a city upon Sep twenty-nine with a perspective to creation usual tourism-promotion strategies for a Asian countries highlighting their own singular informal characteristics. The ‘Asian Tourism Fair 2011’, initial of a kind in a country, will concentration upon a awaiting of tourism attention in a […]

18 dead in Algeria military school bombing: medic

Eighteen people were killed and dozens wounded late Friday in a suicide bombing at the Cherchell military academy west of Algiers, a hospital source said. Eight of those wounded in the attack, the first against the academy since a terror campaign started in the 1990s in Algeria,were in very serious condition, the French-language daily El […]

Up to 12 years of imprisonment proposed for killing tiger or elephant. (Part-II)

Now Wild Life Conservation Bill-2011 is placed in the parliament by the forest and environment ministry. It has included one thousand three hundred and twenty three species. It has identified 8 types of amphibians, 58 types of reptiles, 41 types of birds, and 40 types of mammals as endangered species. According to the bill the […]

Up to 12 years of imprisonment proposed for killing tiger or elephant. (Part-I)

There was a time when kings and landlords hunted bears or tigers. It was their recreation. Even government encouraged deforestation, because at that time government wanted more farmland. Time has changed, now experts are concerned about the conservation biodiversity. Herbs and wild life are in danger, Many species are gone any many more are on […]

“Vote for Sundarban”- New 7 wonders foundation fools the nation? Part-II

“Vote for Sundarban”- New 7 wonders foundation fools the nation? Part-I Part-II Now the seven wonders foundation is trying to select natural Seven Wonders of world. After the first round of internet voting they have enabled phone voting, by which one can vote by dialing a specific number and then they have to enter a […]

“Vote for Sundarban”- New 7 wonders foundation fools the nation? Part-I

Are you a patriot? Did you vote for Sundarban? Or thinking to vote Sundarban? Please Read the news before vote. Now an allegation has raised that the new seven wonders foundation is a fraud, and does not have any UNESCO recognition. Part-I Many prominent writers and artists have been campaigning for Sundarban. Even media have […]

Loving it up in Thailand

While Thai tourism professionals might be rubbing off their hands in glee, this might receptive to letter of reference similar to as good most sunburnt holidaymakers for impending honeymooners. However, if you`re propitious sufficient to be formulation joining as good as a successive initial legal legal legal holiday as father as good as wife, don`t […]

India Goa church bans foreigners over petty dress

Foreign tourists have been criminialized from upon vacation a distinguished Hindu church in India`s Goa state after snub during their inapt wardrobe as well as behaviour, eremite leaders said. Officials during a Mahalasa Narayani church in Mardol, twenty kilometres (12 miles) from a state collateral Panaji, pronounced they had taken a preference given of complaints […]