Cyclone Remal: 400,000 people affected by severe storm, 50,000 houses destroyed in Khulna

Mongla Port Authority (MPA) Secretary Mohammad Makruzzaman said the Mongla port has already resumed operations. “There was no damage here as the port authority had already made extensive preparations,” he said. Speaking to BSS, Sunderbans West DFO Abu Naser Mohsin Hussain said the intensity of damage in the Sunderbans could not be immediately ascertained. Water […]

Empowering Women with Disabilities: Legal Framework and Development Initiatives

Monsur Ahmed Chowdhury, trustee of Impact Foundation Bangladesh, said there should be political commitment to the development of people with disabilities. A national overview committee for the development of persons with disabilities was formed in 2008. The committee remained active until 2016. He said, “Why is there no trace of that committee now? Any person […]

Beko Burak presents the transformation journey with Ozcivit

Singer Bangladesh Limited, a subsidiary of Arcelik, the flagship company of Turkey's Koç Group, revealed the “Transformation Journey with Burak Ozchivit” at a press conference. MHM Fairoz, Managing Director and CEO of Singer Bangladesh Limited, Handan Abdurrahmanoglu, Director of South Asia Regional Marketing, Business Transformation and Development at Arcelik, and Turkish superstar Burak Ozcivit, brand […]