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Celebrities are the people who always make some sense to the general people. People looks forward to see what their favorite celebrities do and what are they going to do. Every celebrity has got their own fan who loves them so much. There are celebrities in different part of the world in different working area. Some people only think the actors, singers, models and other popular media people as celebrity. But those are celebrity who has a very good face value or name value to some respective sets of people. A politician can be a popular celebrity as well. According to Wikipedia, a person who has a prominent profile in the media and is easily recognized can be referred as a celebrity. In order to the flourish of mass media, different people from different profession are becoming well known to the mass people and also becoming celebrity over night. Because, they become popular for their outstanding performances in respective areas. Fans always wait to know the updated news of their popular celebrities. They enjoy hearing the achievements and performances of celebrities. They feel empathy about the accident or downfall of their favorite celebrity. Now a day, along with media performers sports person are becoming popular celebrities. They have so much influence on their fans and on their lifestyle as well. A number of celebrity news is published every day in different media. But there is hardly any website which fulfills the readers by publishing overall celebrity news just concentrating on celebrity. We are looking for the position to be the worlds best celebrity news site through publishing 24 hours celebrity news, article, feature and gossip. We focus on celebrities news which people wants to be updated every moment. This is going to be the first 24 hours celebrity news site of the world. Celebrity New 24 will fulfill the demand of every fans of respective celebrities around the world.

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