RUET: Appoint VC immediately to end academic impasse

Chhatra League did not leave job seekers alone

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Where did they get the audacity to shut down job seekers? Although the Chhatra League had been carrying out criminal activities on the campus for quite some time, the university authorities did not take any action against them.

The officers abdicated their duties by merely forming an investigation committee and deciding to file a case. Although one of the victims filed a case in connection with Thursday’s incident, no one has been arrested at the time of writing this editorial.

Who will take responsibility for this series of accidents happening one after the other at Jashore University of Science and Technology? Due to the clash between two factions of the Chhatra League on the campus, the central leaders of the Chhatra League had canceled the committee there.

But, within a few days, his canceled order was canceled and the committee was reinstated. In such a situation, even the Central Chhatra League cannot escape the responsibility of this accident that happened on the campus.

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