Chhatra League's dominance in RU hall: Genuine students not admitted

Chhatra League's dominance in RU hall: Genuine students not admitted

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Another top leader, RU Chhatra League president Mustafizur Rahman, lives alone in a four-seater room number 230 in Bangabandhu Hall. Mustafizur was a student of the Mass Communication and Journalism Department in the 2013-2014 academic year. After graduating, he enrolled in a short course at the Institute of English and Other Languages ​​to maintain his scholarship.

According to sources in the academic wing of the university, students enrolled in evening courses and short courses cannot be considered regular students in any way. They are not entitled to residential halls and transport facilities.

The name of RU Chhatra League's organising secretary Zahid Hasan, a follower of general secretary Ghalib, is written above the door of room number 214 of Madar Bux Hall. That too is a four-seater room. However, he currently lives in a four-seater room in Bangabandhu Hall. According to party sources, another Chhatra League leader lives in that room.

RU Chhatra League vice-president Monu Mohan Bappa alone occupies two seats in room number 129 of Shah Mukhdum Hall. Current committee vice-presidents Shahinul Islam Sarkar, Mesbahul Islam, Tauhidul Islam, Tamanna Akhtar, Abul Bashar Ahmed and joint general secretary Sadekul Islam are no longer students but they still occupy rooms in different halls.

It was revealed that previous RU Chhatra League Committee joint general secretary Saif Karim (Roopom), Education and Studies Division secretary Jamshed Sabuj, Sports assistant secretary Rupok, Hussein Shaheed Suhrawardy Hall vice-president Mazharul Islam, Nawab Abdul Latif Hall vice-president Tasbeek Al Tauhid and several other leaders are living in the hall despite being non-students.

RU Chhatra League president Mustafizur Rahman claims that he has no information about any non-student occupying any seat or room in the hall. He said, “All the seats in the hall have been allotted in the name of regular students. The students who have been allotted seats can keep any 'big brother' in their rooms. As far as the names of the committee members are concerned, many of them are no longer on campus. The legitimate students are occupying their hall seats.” He assured that if there are any discrepancies, they will cooperate with the provost and the university administration to take effective measures.

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