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‘Chhuye Dile Mon’ facing Censor board

U5OyFPa‘Chhuye Dile Mon’, the directorial debut film of Shihab Shaheen, has been submitted to film censor board yesterday after completing the entire process of the making of a film.

Most of the part of the shooting was completed at different beautiful locations of Sylhet. Produced jointly by Asiatic Dhonichitra and Monforing, the romantic film stars Arefin Shuvo, Zakia Bari Momo, Iresh Zaker, Misha Sawdagar, Ali Raz, Nowshaba Khan, Shushoma Sarkar and many more.

Zakia Bari Momo plays the role of Nila while Arefin Shuvo will appear as Abir in the film. The film has a wonderful love story. Nila and Abir have been best friends since their childhood, but they start to fade apart from each other due to responsibilities and other issues while they grow up. At one point, Abir moves to Dhaka for his Job and Nila keeps on at her place. As time runs, they both can realize their feelings for each other.

The film features six songs and among these, `Valobasa Dao, Valobasa Nao’ is written by Marzuk Russel and tuned by Habib Wahid and other five songs are tuned by Sajid Sarker.

The song ‘Chhuye Dile Mon’ is sung by Tahsan and Shakila, while ‘Chhuye Dilam’ is sung by Habib, ‘Shunno Theke Ase Prem’ is by Kona and Imran, ‘Chini Na’ by Shaon and ‘Chole Jaoa’ by Shaon and Shakila.


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