Child marriage: Will the government wait for 215 years?

Child marriage: Will the government wait for 215 years?

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Now the question is, will the government wait for 215 years to reduce child marriage to two percent or try its best to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal?

State Minister for Women and Child Welfare Affairs Simeen Hussain Rimi said that it is not possible for the government to end child marriage alone. Without refuting her statement, we want to raise the question whether the government is making efforts to achieve its goal?

Like other problems, a kind of negligence can be seen among the policy makers of the government in the matter of preventing child marriage. Otherwise, why would we be so far behind in preventing child marriage?

Some people blamed the Covid period for the increase in child marriage. But the Covid outbreak has spread to all the countries of South Asia. When they can recover from it, why can't we?

There is no option other than taking multi-pronged steps and involving people from all sections of society to stop child marriage. The statement of a madrasa student in that program inspired us.

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