China, Central Asia should 'fully utilize' their potential: Jinping

China, Central Asia should ‘fully utilize’ their potential: Jinping

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The region is also a key link in China’s trillion-dollar global infrastructure project, the Belt and Road Initiative.

The plan is a defining geopolitical project for Xi, with Beijing eager to restart cooperation and fill the void left in former Soviet states by Russia’s war in Ukraine.

On Friday, Xi said the region and China “should take the lead” in that project and “deepen strategic mutual trust” to “uphold lasting friendship”.

“China welcomes the participation of Central Asian countries in special cooperative plans under the Belt and Road Initiative, which include sustainable development technologies, innovation and entrepreneurship, and spatial information technology,” Xi said.

They also stressed the need to expand security cooperation to address what Beijing has dubbed the “three evils” in the region: separatism, terrorism and extremism.

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