China ends quarantine for foreign travelers

China ends quarantine for foreign travelers

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Hong Kong, China’s southern semi-autonomous city, will also see a major relaxation of tight cross-border travel restrictions with the Chinese mainland on Sunday.

Hong Kong’s recession-hit economy is desperate to reconnect with its biggest source of growth, and families separated by the border await reunions on the Lunar New Year.

After online registration, 50,000 Hong Kong residents will be able to cross the border at three land checkpoints daily.

City leader John Lee said another 10,000 people would be allowed to enter by sea, air or bridges without the need for advance registration.

A total of more than 280,000 people had registered to travel within a day of the new rules being announced.

But Hong Kong travelers will still be required to present a negative nucleic acid test result obtained 48 hours prior to departure.

The city has said immigration officials will start issuing permits for mainlanders to travel to Hong Kong and Macau “according to the pandemic situation and service capabilities”.

Hong Kong’s flag carrier Cathay Pacific has said it will more than double its flights to the Chinese mainland.

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