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China is interested to reduce trade gap with Bangladesh

ChinaBangladesh and China have historic relationship of more than thousand years. These two countries had trade relation during the Pal regime. Now China is emerging as a super power in world economy. Labor cost in China is increasing and Chinese investors are planning to shift their low tech industries to different countries of the world where labor cost is cheaper. China’s outbound investment is expected to reach five hundred billion US dollar in next five years. Bangladesh has an opportunity to take the advantage.

Chinese economy is booming and as a result number of Chinese tourist is increasing. Bangladesh can attract those tourists to visit the world’s largest mangrove forest or world’s longest sea beach.

China has huge amount of idle money which they are looking forward to invest in different countries. China – Bangladesh trade is an asymmetric one. Chinese investments may reduce the trade gap. Chinese ambassador in Bangladesh has shown interest on investing here, he has asked for a special economic zone for Chinese investors in Bangladesh.

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