China warns of 'serious threat' to Taiwan in presidential candidate's election bid

China warns of ‘serious threat’ to Taiwan in presidential candidate’s election bid

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“Taiwan’s upcoming elections are in the international spotlight and (China’s) repeated interference diverts attention. Frankly, Beijing should stop interfering in other countries’ elections and keep its own,” Wu posted on social media platform X on Thursday.

Lai, who once called herself a “pragmatic activist for Taiwan independence”, has taken a soft stance on the issue during the campaign.

Instead he reiterated current President Tsai Ing-wen’s stance that Taiwan is “already independent” and therefore there is no need to formally declare it.

China cut off high-level communications with the Tsai government over defense of the island’s sovereignty.

Lai said on Tuesday that “as long as there is equality and dignity, Taiwan’s doors will always be open” for cooperation with China.

“But we cannot have illusions about peace. Accepting China’s ‘one-China’ principle is not true peace,” he said, referring to Beijing’s doctrine that Taiwan is part of China.

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